Who's Karyna?

I'm a 'Dreams seller' :)

My mission is to make others happy and make them experience moments of dream, magic and joy! :) The team that I coordinate shares the same values ​​and we hold unforgettable events! :)

I created a character ...

The Bonequinha Karyna, who became more known since the participation in Euro / 2004 and RTP to record children's programs ('Play to Play', 'All to the Ocenary', 'Everyone to the Pavilion of Knowledge', '
The doll KARYNA made special guest appearances in Advertising and Announcements such as "Continent" and "Barclays", was invited to participate in the telenovela "Floribela" (SIC) and "Morangos com Açúcar" (TVI).

In 2007 she was interviewed by "FLASH" magazine and was the cover of "Foco de Carnaval 2007" at the Zoological Garden of Lisbon, where she worked for 8 years together with the Dream World team.

The company grew and Bonequinha also began to work with several city councils, parish councils from all over the country and several companies such as: '5àsec', 'Luís Simões', 'Simtejo', Order of Architects ',' Order of the Doctors Dentists ',' IKEA ',' Remax ',' Era ', Bureau Véritas', 'Ribeiralves', among others.

In 2012 we were in 'Rock In Rio' and in 2014 we went to Germany to the European Figure Skating Championship to perform bodypainting for the Portuguese athletes, and in December 2017 we were in the French Alps and Switzerland to make children's animation and New Year's Eve Animation 2017 / 2018.

We have performed hundreds of private parties, school year-end parties, Christmas parties, corporate events, children's holiday animation, school year-end parties, and all the events that present us are challenges that we always accept and we give our best! :)

We work in partnership with several companies / agencies because we believe that together and based on trust and respect we all grow more.

We are a dynamic team, cheerful and fun, and I am the 'face' of it! :)

Always looking for social responsibility and sharing magical moments for all children, young and old, I felt the need to apply for volunteerism and I founded the non-profit Youth Association of Magical Dreams for 8 years (2010), even though we have volunteered for 14 years. Volunteering is effectively my Great Passion. Love!!


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