"Volunteer of the group World of the Magical Dreams - www.mundodossonhos.org "

I am part of an association that was born of a group of friends who like to volunteer and who have united with a goal ... "To make the World a little better than what we have found" ... we know that we can not change the World but we believe in changing attitudes, behaviors and values ​​with those around us! ... who are we ?!

Karyna Doll & Volunteer Friends ...

 These fun and lively little friends try to bring "animation" (magic, facial paintings, balloon modeling, games, puppets, inflatables, theater shows and others) to children, the disabled and the elderly, and economically disadvantaged families and social and we are there to support and help make the leap ... Provide all children and special populations with magical and colorful moments ... leading them to enter the "World of Dreams" ... the enchanted, magical world, cheerful and fun, the Fantasy World where all the characters in the Dreamworld live.

And bring to all the "children / seniors / special populations" of the Universe the values ​​of the Dream World.

Friendship - Justice - Loyalty - Peace - Marriage - Trust & Love to the Next

The Volunteer Group has gradually grown, initially an initial Workshop (where basic level training is acquired) and according to the availability of the volunteers can participate in the animations in Private Institutions of Social Solidarity; in Non-Governmental Organizations, Hospitals, Lares among other places that request our work, thus, according to the availability of the volunteers, we will go to the place to animate small and large ... leading them to enter the "World of Dreams".

Fortunately, we have already formed as a Non-Profit Youth Association called "Youth Association World of Magical Dreams" and despite the scarce economic resources, since we have not yet received the support of any public or private Entity we continue to carry out volunteer activities in orphanages, hospitals, schools in social neighborhoods, ipss *, among other places that request our presence.

You can learn more about the work developed by the association on our website:


The Youth Association World of Magic Dreams (AJMSM) is a non-profit youth association, with the aim of developing cooperation and solidarity in the implementation of initiatives related to the problem of "children at risk" and the problem of aging in the aspect of abandonment and neglect.

 All AJMSM's action is based on disinterested solidarity, supported predominantly by volunteering.

However, the efficiency of our actions requires that certain projects inevitably have increasing costs, such as props for volunteers in their actions with children, paints for face paints, balloons, etc., as well as for elderly people with diverse memories with the abandonment and loneliness.

 Despite our joviality, our activity has been entirely devoted to the improvement of the quality of life of the "children at risk" and the elderly through animation techniques and social actions, not performing any lucrative activity for the Association, forcing us to resort to the generosity of people and institutions sensitive to solidarity action.

For a better information you can visit our website - www.mundodossonhos.org - and observe the work developed with the commitment of all our volunteers who despite their lives, take some time to do good without looking at who, where we have a gallery of photos and videos demonstrating the actions we have developed over the five years of activity,

Thus, we can continue to bring many dreams and smiles to the places we visit frequently, both in actions developed for children and the elderly, and to continue to spread magic and joy in the hearts of those who have little or nothing.


We thank all those who may be sponsors of this Non-Profit Association who contact us, even if it is a symbolic amount, to help material expenses, since up to now the group has been making material available (like most the group of volunteers is made up of young people), sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve all the dreams of those who request the animation of the "Volunteering Group World of Dreams" ... we have everything that is legally required by law Association of this type so we count on your goodwill.

We may disclose your Company, or if you have toys that no longer use, balloons, suits, paintings (within the validity) we accept.

 * Social solidarity private institution