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Events Organization and Animation * :) Birthday Parties, Baptism Parties, Wedding Parties, Theme Parties, Inaugurations, Corporate Events, Festivals, Surprises, ...

Nothing is going to be missing at your party with the help of Karyna & co-workers * :) ...

Magicpainting, Facial Paintings, Ballet Modeling, Games and Gymnastics, Puppets, Treasure Hunt, Music, DJ, Karaoke, Dance and Choreography, Balloon decoration, Helium balloons, Inflatables, Mascots, Circus jugglers and artists, Bodypainting * ... and much more!!...

Our goal is to take the whole MAGIC of the WORLD OF DREAMS to the heart of all those present with great joy, energy & see many SMILES, especially of children *;)


Birthday Parties, Christening Parties, Wedding Parties, Theme Parties!


Magicpainting, Facial Paintings, Ballet Modeling, Games and Gymnastics, Puppets, Treasure Hunt, Music, DJ, Karaoke, Dances and Choreographies, Decoration with Balloons, Inflatables, Jugglers and Circenses, Bodypainting * ... and much more !! ...

Joy & Energy

Our goal is to bring the whole MAGIC of THE DREAM WORLD to the hearts of all those present with great joy, energy & to see many SMILES, especially of children!

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  • Animacao no Hospital
  • Bonequinha Karyna com Princesinhas nas Areias do Seixo
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Here in the World of Dreams we are always excited * :)

We animate from the moment we were born ... Actually, we did it even before we were born: before we got together in the World of Dreams our relatives were already characters of the fantasy and they did animation, they sang, they did magic, clowns, facial paintings, balloon modeling , they played with fire and with bicycles, unicycles and even tricycles ... and even almost reached the sky on the stilts ... they also drew, played with plasticine, sand, oil, foam, everything that came by hand was an animation. ..

With computers, without computers, with brushes, with pencils, with wires, with a lot of patience, they animated with whatever there was ... And we ... We followed in their footsteps ...

And we continue to animate, with the same smile but with an ever-increasing experience!

Bring your project to us, we can move it in an instant.

Or in 25 instants per second! ...















The Word That matter

Boneca Karina has been with us in several very special moments of our life, and made all these days even more spectacular. She is always in a very good mood and available, the animations are always different and special, children and adults love her ... We recommend Karina Doll and we will never spend another special day without her company.
Salete Melo
Salete Melo
Karina surpasses all expectations! It is a contagious energy and a sweetness with children. Lovely! Without a doubt the best ever! Thank you for making my daughters party a dream party! I'm counting on you every year! magic kisses.

Karyna synonymous with joy, good mood and professionalism, I've known her for some time and her work is magical, leaving both adults and children ecstatic with happiness. I strongly recommend at all levels ..... All good for you Karyna, thank you.
Sónia Guerreiro
Sónia Guerreiro